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The Imagine blog is supported by the Imagine Group which is a network of teachers and constructors – of builders, structural planners and climate designers. The group sees itself as a merger of educational, research and planning institutions working on conceptual and experimental solutions for structural and climate-related challenges. Imagine Group’s concept is to network the knowledge base according to the tasks and challenges at hand, to provide technical solutions for esthetic and constructive issues. This type of networked collaboration without large, locally fixed hierarchies enables an interdisciplinary, yet topic-related working method that is efficient and – just as important – fun. You are welcome to enjoy our blog that will include not only our concepts, ideas, news and thoughts but will also offer inspiring topics as well as pictures for your own creative work. for more info about the imagine group and the persons behind watch:

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Facade Research Group

If you are a long time follower of our blog you may have recognized that we have posted a lot of content from the bucky lab the TU Delft prototyping master class. We have now started a new blog dedicated to the bucky lab, so if you are interested have a look and follow us also there:

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amazing projects, but there might be a reason ….

Top Ten Most Amazing Buildings in the World That Haven’t Been Built! [via]


a nice graduation project from Lisa van Schagen. Within the dense fabric of the cities there is still space on the rooftops of the buildings…in this case for a green garden and residential housing.

Looks promising !

FACADE2014 - Conference on Building Envelopes

We already asked to save the date, now the program is complete and the website ready for registration. Meet the experts in the field of facade engineering and constrcutions in Luzern, Swiss on Friday the 28th of November.

Here the complete program:

8:30 Registration and Coffee
9:00 Opening Speech
– Prof. Dr. Andreas Luible, Head of the Competence Center
Facade and Metal Engineering,
Lucerne School of Engineering and Architecture
COST Action TU1403
9:30 – 10:45 Session 1
– Rob Henderson, UNStudio, Amsterdam (NL)
Adaptation: envelope design through material collaborations
– Ignacio Fernandez, ARUP Facade, Madrid (E)
Time scale and adaptive envelopes – minutes or decades?
11:15 – 12:30 Session 2
– Abdulmajid Karanouh, Ramboll, London (UK)
Adaptive System Innovation; 4D envelopes and beyond…
– Marco Perino, Politecnico di Torino, Turin (I)
The building envelope: a future beyond the concept of thermal insulation
13:45 – 15:30 Session 3
– Claus Hermansen, BIG, Copenhagen (DK)
Optimized Facades in the real world – Lessons from ARC in Copenhagen
– Volker Ritter, University of Liechtenstein, Vaduz (FL)
Challenges in the development of the adaptive solar thermal
facade system Fluidglass
– Roel Loonen, Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven (NL)
Shaping the next generation of adaptive facade concepts with the
use of simulations
16:00 – 17:00 Session 4
– Fabio Favoino, University of Cambridge, Cambridge (UK)
Towards the future geneation of adaptive glazed building envelope
– Jens Böke, Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe, Detmold (D)
ThinkingSkins – towards intelligent acting facades
17:00 Discussion

See you all in Luzern !

A very informative video from the dutch vpro tegenlicht about the makermovement. Its worth watching and only a few minutes are in dutch.


For our dutch speaking contacts we would like to anounce the 2nd edition of our Materials and Innovation Symposium that will held in Den Haag in October the 30th. 

Within 3 parallel sessions a wide range of lectures about new material applications in architecture and innovative concepts within the building sector will be presented.

Next to the lectures for a full day, you may also consider to join the dinner in the evening for an additional fee. Members of different associations will get a discount.

Please check the website for more informations and the program.


Our annual facade sysmposium will be held this year in Luzern, Swiss on November the 28th.
We would like to invite you to join the European Facade Network and the lectures of hand picked experts in the field of facade technologies.

This year we have mebers of BIG, Arup, UN Studio and others from the field of practice as also research. So dont miss it.

The registration and program in german language is already online here

See you all in Luzern !

We love kickstarter, its about making, testing and finally to bring your concept, idea or solution out …if others think its worth it. Have a look on this lovely toys, hand crafted and paint. Steamy chums reunite modern prototyping production technologies with good old sketching, modelling and painting skills all transformed into a toy that tells a story ! great idea and the video is also underlining the storyline.

have a look here

or watch the video



really, the first commercial concrete printer that is able to print houses already on the market …? Yes and no. BetAbram the company behing the story released pictures of its series of 3D printers, but in fact its a huge gantry or scaffolding system shown and a short clip that shows that the printer head is able to extrude concrete. For the mentioned 12.000 -16.000 € you will get a - lets say - starter kit, the machine moves, the software to control it and a recommendation for the concrete mixture will be included we assume, but houses ? No way ! While this company is able to claim to sell the worlds first commercial “home printing home printer” …they are in need to have architects and the building industry to develop the actual technology. Just a nozzle that spits out concrete does not make a house. Having seen different of attempts, now with the chinese leading in the race in already building 3D printed houses out of concrete, and the dutch with their PLA version that will melt in fire and degregate under rain but shows the possibilities once the right material and construction mix is found we are defenitely seeing an ongoing trend. So lets buy one of these machines and start solving the puzzle of how to build houses.


After quite a busy time with job and new home we finally found some to time to discover the new city, Rotterdam a city with its own hardbeat…Some friends and also former students started their own office called Schop and they got their hands on an old space underneath an abandonded railroad. To spice up the space and also motivate the neihbourhood they build an urban garden and asked the neigbours to bring a plant in exchange for a slice of pizza …having this kind of invitations, including a bit of work and some food, we couldnt resists …

said so, we helped a bit to throw some ground in the new planting pods and watched the pizza man arrived. And what a surprize the pizza oven was on wheels, actually on a bike …what a machine and what a tasty pizza. is a two man show, having the pizza oven on a bike an the rest whats needed in a trailer carried from a second bike, once set up the vehicle unfolds its full potential: a wood fire powered clay oven, a stove to heat up the pizza sauce and a table to serve all the ingredients to make the pizza you like the most …the concepts is as easy as it sounds, wash your fingers, roll the dough, place the pizza in the oven for just about 10 seconds to get it prebaked and then throw everything on it you like …and after another 2 minutes in the oven, a very very deliscious pizza comes out …thin and crispy like every nonna would love and make it…

What a nice day, and the best it worked quite well, after some gardening, dirty work and a few slices of pizza eveyone was talking about the future of the railroad spaces, the lovely herbs that will grow in the garden and the neighbours were already in and asking for the next session like this …

It all starts woith the small things and sometimes you have to make pizza to change the world !


What a great set of drawings !


Pavel Fomenko´s sketchbook