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The Imagine blog is supported by the Imagine Group which is a network of teachers and constructors – of builders, structural planners and climate designers. The group sees itself as a merger of educational, research and planning institutions working on conceptual and experimental solutions for structural and climate-related challenges. Imagine Group’s concept is to network the knowledge base according to the tasks and challenges at hand, to provide technical solutions for esthetic and constructive issues. This type of networked collaboration without large, locally fixed hierarchies enables an interdisciplinary, yet topic-related working method that is efficient and – just as important – fun. You are welcome to enjoy our blog that will include not only our concepts, ideas, news and thoughts but will also offer inspiring topics as well as pictures for your own creative work. for more info about the imagine group and the persons behind watch:

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Facade Research Group

If you are a long time follower of our blog you may have recognized that we have posted a lot of content from the bucky lab the TU Delft prototyping master class. We have now started a new blog dedicated to the bucky lab, so if you are interested have a look and follow us also there:

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every now and then we receive mindblowing contents about concepts and newest inventions. This time we received a link to a sunshade from Wouter a former student from us. Hey what a cool concept, but its a rendering and the time the louvers start flipping outwards raised directly questions we have to ask every day in our studio…what about wind loads, what about the forces on the axles and do you really think you are able to control each of the flaps individually…

Never the less a great looking proposal, still questionable but maybe some time we are able to build it in reality …

Watch yourself


Within the Facade Research Group from the TU Delft, we meet at least twice a year to get an overview of the progress of the phd students joining the group that was founded from Prof. Dr. Knaack within his chair design of construction of the faculty of architecture. Normally we try to avoid the convenience of beeing in the “home harbour”, and set up a session somewhere else in the world to focus on the task and listening to the several phd research projects. This time we set up camp in Delft, actually for the very first time.

Having a group of 17 we already need a two days session, which includes the possibility to join for a proper dinner to get together on a more personal level.

The session was very interesting and fruitful, getting the lastest infos from Inge Meulenberg / graduate school of the faculty was also very informative to get the newer members on track with their phd research progress.



If you like formula one racing, animation and renderings…thats a video you will love. What nowadays technologies and experts are capable of doing is amazing, think about explanations of all kinds within architecture and the build environment illustrated in this way …



One of our colleagues Koen Mulder is busy with research about masonry patterns, he was already supported by a national subsidies, now he would like to finish his work with an interesting book about this topic. To make this possible, Koen is asking for a crowd funding - order the book today, get in in 2015

We have to mention that the book will be in dutch first, but who knows an english version may follow.

More info here

SWAT Symposium 3 ‘Facades’

As part of the SWAT Studio / Building Technology MSc Program at TU Delft a mini-symposium about facade engineering and construction was held at the studio in the center of Delft at 25.02.2014.

Introduction by Ulrich Knaack and Tillmann Klein

Lectures by

Dominique Vosmaer,

Senior Façade Designer Buro Happold, London

Kaan Kuran,

Managing Director Turkey, Priedemann Building Envelope Consultancy, Istanbul

Mick Eekhout,

Director Octatube International bv, Delft

Quite a lineup !


Today we had a meeting for a new imagine book, it will be about concrete and will be called concretable. We keep you in the loop, but we assume it will take another few month till we are able to hold it in our hands …



Beeing able to witness the progress of the new city hall in Delft its quite amazing how prefab facade elements are able to change the apperance of a building. While the red steel structure is still visible, mounting the unitised facade panels already forms the envelope of the building. Looking at these pictures one realised that the facade is really like a thin layer wrapping around the structure and forming architecture.

With just a few centimetres of glass, aluminium and steel the overall performance of the building is done …ok we would hope so, an exterior sun shade is not visible nor a operable window … 


While the space in the city gets more and more scarce, you have to deal with the fact that we have to build next to the city highways. Freshly graduated TU Delft student Ron Valkenet imagined a clever as also attractive solution. He used trees to filter the pollution from the highway, set up a double facade towards the highway to allow the people to have a comfortable apartment with a great view, and opened the complex for the public by an open park in the middle.

What a great solution for a problem we have to face, seeing this, we would love to live there.

developed from a company in Basel, the Megafaces project that shows 3D selfies during the winter games in Sotschi. We could not resist to pick a video with its “original” sound in swiss german…