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The Imagine blog is supported by the Imagine Group which is a network of teachers and constructors – of builders, structural planners and climate designers. The group sees itself as a merger of educational, research and planning institutions working on conceptual and experimental solutions for structural and climate-related challenges. Imagine Group’s concept is to network the knowledge base according to the tasks and challenges at hand, to provide technical solutions for esthetic and constructive issues. This type of networked collaboration without large, locally fixed hierarchies enables an interdisciplinary, yet topic-related working method that is efficient and – just as important – fun. You are welcome to enjoy our blog that will include not only our concepts, ideas, news and thoughts but will also offer inspiring topics as well as pictures for your own creative work. for more info about the imagine group and the persons behind watch:

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If you are a long time follower of our blog you may have recognized that we have posted a lot of content from the bucky lab the TU Delft prototyping master class. We have now started a new blog dedicated to the bucky lab, so if you are interested have a look and follow us also there:

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While the space in the city gets more and more scarce, you have to deal with the fact that we have to build next to the city highways. Freshly graduated TU Delft student Ron Valkenet imagined a clever as also attractive solution. He used trees to filter the pollution from the highway, set up a double facade towards the highway to allow the people to have a comfortable apartment with a great view, and opened the complex for the public by an open park in the middle.

What a great solution for a problem we have to face, seeing this, we would love to live there.

developed from a company in Basel, the Megafaces project that shows 3D selfies during the winter games in Sotschi. We could not resist to pick a video with its “original” sound in swiss german…


when you think you have seen it all….doors are doors and only scifi movies seem to have an answer about the future of doors …but we are so wrong. Have a look at these doors from Clemens Torggler

more infos here


What an amazing project.


While others try to improve the layer resolution to smoothen their 3D printed parts, DMG added a complete CNC milling unit, so a truely hybrid machine, have a look and dont miss the actual process at the end. what an impressive machine.


The central station in Den Hague is aproaching its finish, while downstairs the work is still not completed the huge roof structure of the main hall is already visible. If you have a close look, you are able to spot a few people up in the sky that are doing some finishing touches. Quite amazing working so high. 


Every now and then when we have business to do far abroad, there is some time left to visit architecture and art in the city we are busy. This time we had the opportunity to see a piece of Do Ho Suh in Seoul. 

The south korean artist started to rebuild his home with a thin layer of fabric. The space he is able to create with this wonder of craftmansship is amazing. Imagining that this is all hand sewn on a sewing machine blows you away. 

Whenever one of his projects is in reach to visit, don’t miss the opportunity. 

Mor about the artist on this website 

One of the projects of this semesters bucky lab course, not to forget also the winnner of the 3rd prize and special Romazo sunshade price during this years bold and beautiful award during the gevel 2014 in Rotterdam



How easy it can be to close the circle of materials and make use of the daily waste shows the better future factory based in Rotterdam / NL with their perpetual plastic project.

Did you know that one of the members Casper van der Meer also teaches in the bucky lab ?