The central station in Den Hague is aproaching its finish, while downstairs the work is still not completed the huge roof structure of the main hall is already visible. If you have a close look, you are able to spot a few people up in the sky that are doing some finishing touches. Quite amazing working so high. 


Every now and then when we have business to do far abroad, there is some time left to visit architecture and art in the city we are busy. This time we had the opportunity to see a piece of Do Ho Suh in Seoul. 

The south korean artist started to rebuild his home with a thin layer of fabric. The space he is able to create with this wonder of craftmansship is amazing. Imagining that this is all hand sewn on a sewing machine blows you away. 

Whenever one of his projects is in reach to visit, don’t miss the opportunity. 

Mor about the artist on this website 


We love to take pictures, and after a while we also discovered RAW and therefore also the power of lightroom. Beeing an active member of the german happy shooting community and an active follower of Chris Marquardts podcast tips from the top floor we got the info that Chris did a Lightroom 5 video workshop. More than 6 hours of how to work with Adobes powerful lightroom program.

Next to the very easy to digest information on how to use the program- highly recommended- we are very surprised about the new and innovative manner about the pricing for this educational video set.

If you like to buy the videos, you have to decide which price you like to pay. Pay 15$ if you take pictures with your iPhone and using the program every now and then, till the professional version for the ones who earn money making pictures for 100$ …
the difference between the different versions ? Nothing …!

You will get the same videos and bonus material which version you ever choose, its up to you how much this course is worth to you.

Thats something real radical and fresh in our eyes. Get a Ferrari and according to the way you will drive them determine the price.

Lets hope this marketing concept pays off, but it is for sure something we will also think about in our future. Imagine you offer an open bill for your service according to the way your customers like it or think of its value.

here the link to the website