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The Imagine blog is supported by the Imagine Group which is a network of teachers and constructors – of builders, structural planners and climate designers. The group sees itself as a merger of educational, research and planning institutions working on conceptual and experimental solutions for structural and climate-related challenges. Imagine Group’s concept is to network the knowledge base according to the tasks and challenges at hand, to provide technical solutions for esthetic and constructive issues. This type of networked collaboration without large, locally fixed hierarchies enables an interdisciplinary, yet topic-related working method that is efficient and – just as important – fun. You are welcome to enjoy our blog that will include not only our concepts, ideas, news and thoughts but will also offer inspiring topics as well as pictures for your own creative work. for more info about the imagine group and the persons behind watch:

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If you are a long time follower of our blog you may have recognized that we have posted a lot of content from the bucky lab the TU Delft prototyping master class. We have now started a new blog dedicated to the bucky lab, so if you are interested have a look and follow us also there:

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Solarlux the marketleader for folding and sliding windows and well known manufacturer for wintergardens will sponsor the bucky lab with a set of power tools from Festool.

Like the innovative solutions Solarlux is offering we will try to keep up within the course and develop innovative solutions also, having these nice tools it will become easier to build our prototypes in the future.

Have a look on their website by clicking into the picture. You will also find Solarlux in the Netherlands under:

and for the US market:

For this moment we have to thank Solarlux for their supporting sponsorship !

Click also in the tag list to see more Solarlux related articles here on the blog.


Foto: Rouven Holz


This week we would like to adress a few activities on this years bulding trade fair BAU in Munich / Germany in which we are involved. 

Solarlux will exhibit our facade concept of the Comfortfacade build for the Solarlux headquater in the Netherlands. We blogged earlier informations about the concept.

Have a look and get in touch with the concept in Munich and visit Solarlux in hall C1 stand 329. 

More info about the trade fair:

picture from Solarlux Bissendorf


The detail magazine made a video about sustainable architecture in which also our facade concept for the Solarlux building in the Netherlands is presented.

The video is in german, click in the picture to get it.

For more infos about the project use our tag cloud or search for solarlux in the blog. Picture source:  SOLARLUX / SL Co2mfort-Fassade


Solarlux made a nice video of their new headquater in Nijverdal / NL . The Video gives a good impression about their new building and also the facade we imagined is visible - or even not when fold away …

Check also the Cloudtag for more infos about this project.


Motorboat or Sailship ?

"everyone is able to drive a motorboat if you are able to pay the fuel, our new buildings should learn how to sail" a quote I made as part of my phd thesis becomes now with the opening of the Solarlux NL headquater in Nijverdal reality. The building that is totally naturally ventilated and powered with renewable energies was opened on the 15. of october by the proud "captain" Fred Mak / CEO Solarlux NL with a huge opening ceremony.

Solarlux NL was so convinced about the citation that they also use the concept to flavour the whole ceremony. Thiemo Ebbert our project leader for that project also had the honor to babtise the building together with Stefan Holtgreife / CEO Solarlux Germany.

We wish Solarlux all the best and always “Eine Handbreit Wasser unter dem Kiel” for their new building.

Have a look on the website from Solarlux for more information about their products and watch this blog where we will report more about the facade concept and the building itself in the near future. Use also the search function on this blog for “solarlux” to find all earlier posts about this project.  M.Bilow


Imagine envelope developed a new facade concept for the new dutch headquater of Solarlux in Nijverdal.The german company  well known for sliding doors and moving wall elements asked for a smart concept to run their building eco friendly. The aim was to create a building concept that create a high user comfort with a low energy consumption. Beside that they also want to show what is possible with their products.

We are proud to announce the Comfortfassade for the first time here on the blog. The concept is based on the old box windwow concpt. Two sliding wall systems out of their product range.

The inner layer is made out of a wooden insulated Window system and is covered by a second layer on the outside with a single layer of glass. What sounds like a standard double facade becomes a living enclosure when the users are able to open and move each of the elements on

both layers. All elements are openable by hand, so the user is able to control his climate in the building by his own. In Wintertimes all facades are closed to get the maximum heat gain from the sun, a gab allows to vent the preheated air from the facade space into the room. In the summer the inner layer protects against the heat, the outer layer is totally opend to avoid any overheating problems. If the weather is nice and modest you are also able to open both layers and work in a huge airflooded balcony situation.

The building is natural ventilated and is cooled by boreholes via a concrete core activation. The concept is as passive as possible and needs an active user that is responsible for his own comfort.

Beeing normally familiar with sitting in a box that controls the comfort for you and creates often discomfort we start training the users how to use their building. A longterm monitoring will help to fine tune the system and will discover nessesary solutions.

We will support more infos hereon the blog in the future.

If you are interested in the company look for or