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The Imagine blog is supported by the Imagine Group which is a network of teachers and constructors – of builders, structural planners and climate designers. The group sees itself as a merger of educational, research and planning institutions working on conceptual and experimental solutions for structural and climate-related challenges. Imagine Group’s concept is to network the knowledge base according to the tasks and challenges at hand, to provide technical solutions for esthetic and constructive issues. This type of networked collaboration without large, locally fixed hierarchies enables an interdisciplinary, yet topic-related working method that is efficient and – just as important – fun. You are welcome to enjoy our blog that will include not only our concepts, ideas, news and thoughts but will also offer inspiring topics as well as pictures for your own creative work. for more info about the imagine group and the persons behind watch:

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If you are a long time follower of our blog you may have recognized that we have posted a lot of content from the bucky lab the TU Delft prototyping master class. We have now started a new blog dedicated to the bucky lab, so if you are interested have a look and follow us also there:

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A book launch is normaly an event on which you present a new book to the public…normally…we had to launch in total 3 new books within the imagine book series.

We are proud to announce that we have finshed imagine 03 performance driven envelope in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Holger Techen, imagine 05 Energy together with Thomas Auer and Linda Hildebrand and imagine 06 Reimagining the envelope. We already wrote about the books so have a look about their content by clicking into the tags below.

We celebrated the moment with a small symposium including lectures from Prof. Paul Donelly /Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts I Washington University in St. Louis, Prof. Dr. Holger Techen / imagine structure and Kees Kaan / Claus en Kaan Architects Rotterdam.  Thomas Auer from Transsolar was not able to join, he had a few words from Boston via skype, very interesting how small the world becomes ..

Ulrich Knaack mentioned that the series now becomes a real series having published already 6 books in total. The sucess of the books Knaack mentioned is sometimes seen, “when the books find their way to the people he meet before him” and Marcel Bilow ( not visible… as always behind the camera ..)  mentioned that the series involved over time, in the beginning they start as a kind of archive to catalyst our own ideas, nowadays the books become a platform of researchers teamed up with the editors and become a valuable source of informations and contents.

After the inspiring lectures, a small party started and the discussions about the concepts and ideas published in the books started directly.

More about the books, check:


We just got the news, our project in Sao Paulo in which the whole imagine group containing imagine envelope (facade), imagine structure (structure) and Transsolar (climate concept) received the Global Holcim Silver Award. Based on a concept by Urban Think Tank, we put all our effort in supporting the team. Alfredo Brillembourg and Hubert Klumpner adressed this building as a social hub in the middle of the vavelas of Sao Paulo.

We are very happy and proud to receive after the gold award for the national Holcim award in south america also the silver global award, indicating this building and its concepts as the worlds best sustainable solution.

Have a look at the project by clicking into the picture, all plans are available in high and low res.


On the 9th of March we will launch the new two books of the imagine book series we publish with 010 publishers. Feel free to join the event, but send a note in advance just to make sure we have enough wine …

The books will be imagine 03 performance driven envelope made by Holger Techen, Ulrich Knaack, Tillmann Klein and Marcel Bilow

imagine 05 energy is written by Thomas Auer, Linda Hildebrand, Ulrich Knaack and Marcel Bilow.

Having published no.3 now we also closed the gab in the series …and no.6 is already in printing …we will announce that later.


the imagine group containing imagine structure, Transsolar and imagine envelope supported the design team of Alfredo Brillembourg / Urban Think Tank to develop a sustainable project in the favelas of Sao Paolo. With this project we won the Holcim Award 2011. We are very proud for this achievement and congratulate the team for this prize.

more infos about the project by clicking into the picture and here :


In 2009 imagine structure invited to an inspiring workshop in their new office in Frankfurt. Located in the famous Klappergasse the workshop took two days with a wide rage of experts
including architects, engineers, material scouts and participants from the industry.
The participants were:

Heiko Weissbach / Sauerbruch Hutton
Kari Silloway / KSP Engel und Zimmermann Architekten
Sabine Einhäuser /Hahlbrock GmbH
Johannes Fokken / Fischer Architekten GmbH
Andre Glück /Fischer Architekten GmbH
Lutz Langer / kadawittfeldarchitektur
Anna Gerlach    / Benthem Crouwel GmbH
Martin Haas    Behnisch Architekten
Margit Pfundstein    BASF
Friedrich Dassler    XIA
Holger Techen imagine structure
Matthias Michel imagine structure
Arne Köster imagine structure
Martin Manegold imagine structure
Thomas Auer    Transsolar
Matthias Rudolph    Transsolar
Tillman Klein    Imagine Envelope
Marcel Bilow    Imagine Envelope
Ulrich Knaack imagine Envelope

Within the sessions we imagined a foam facade filling concept that is able to adapt the transparency of the facade according to their needs and responsive to the outer conditions.
We will publish more about the concepts in one of the following imagine books but despite the fact we got the information that a company now produces these solution for greenhouses we cant resist to publish it now.

Have a look on the website and find out more about this product solution and because there are no pictures enjoy our video…moderation from Martin Haas and Holger Techen.